Shining It On

Thanks to months of hibernation, I look like I just used a box of hair color called ‘church mouse.’ So, during a particularly weak moment in the beauty store, I was wooed by the packaging of Bumble and Bumble’s ‘Let It Shine’ line – figuring it might liven things up a bit while [...]

The latest

Art House Pictures

There are few places that capture the sprawling and alien beauty of Los Angeles like the Stahl House. Designed by architect Pierre Koenig and built in 1960, the Stahl House was made famous by the Julius Shulman photograph [...]

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Doctor’s Orders

This was just going to be a Jean Shrimpton post until I came across a great photo from the early 70’s of Kubi Chaza and Raye Chance (by Graham Wood, London, 1973). I wouldn’t be surprised to see the both of the looks featuring the Dr. Scholl’s sandals walking to brunch [...]

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Natural Wonders

Tis the season to put away the techno, heat-trapping fabrics of the cold months and break out pieces that are more in harmony with nature. (Finally!) For the sunny days ahead, I’m a fan of raffia accessories like the five featured […]

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Going to California

I’m all about people having a happy, friendly time outdoors listening to music. Any kind of music. It’s nice to see folks convene en-masse for a positive, shared experience. That said, the culture which surrounds this weekend (and next’s) Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, dubbed ‘fashion’s favorite,’ can […]

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A Little E&W Inspiration

I’ve been in Stockholm for a little over a week now and, despite the latitude, most days of my visit have been further from freezing than in New York. Spring is springing rapidly. When the temperature struggled out of the fifties, a couple of teenagers took advantage of the warmish weather by jumping into the bay while many more […]

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